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International Relations: 14 Important Topics for CSS Exams

  Important topics of International Relations for CSS exams are listed below. International Relations is one of the favorite subjects of CSS aspirants. The subject is not only easy to prepare but it is also a very interesting one. However, Scoring good marks in this paper have been difficult for CSS candidates. The aspirants are found searching the important topics of CSS international relations.  There is no one definite strategy to fetch good marks in international relations, but several factors play their part to achieve this end. First and foremost of all is to devise a smart strategy to prepare international relations papers.  The aspirants must be aware of the most important topics which are frequently asked in the CSS written examination. They must prepare these topics from recommended books and other resources. They also need to prepare short and long notes for this very subject to fetch excellent marks.   For ease of the aspirants of the competitive examination, we have listed