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How to Start CSS Preparation at Home

CSS Preparation at home is easy and simple. The aspirants of the competitive examination, CSS, often ask their mentors or the senior aspirants that how they should start CSS preparation at home? Well, the answer is very simple but, it does depend upon the aspirants' academic background, and the number of attempts they are left with. If you are an aspirant and you don't want to join any academy due to whatever reason, we will try to explain and guide you as to how you can start your CSS journey right from your home. You don't need to panic, you don't need to join any of the so-called top academies for preparation. What you need is a fully focused mind and a positive 'to do' attitude. How to Start CSS Preparation at Home? Follow these simple steps and start your CSS journey at home. 1. Choose optional subjects 2. Study Smart 3. Make a list of important topics 4. Newspapers and magazines 5. Gather quality material 6. Make notes 7. Practise as much as you can 8. Do