All-Time High Scoring Subjects

Passing the CSS exam by scoring high marks is the dream of hundreds of thousands of aspirants every year. High-scoring subjects play a key role in any competitive exam.


Those who pass the exam with high marks are considered to be the luckiest people.  The aspirants need to know which subjects may yield them good marks so that they may achieve allocation in their desired groups.


To help students achieve high marks, we have enlisted these 08 high-scoring subjects in the CSS exam.


If students opt for these subjects and prepare them well, they will surely achieve good marks which will ultimately help them in their final allocation.


08 High Scoring Subjects in CSS Exams


 01. Anthropology


Anthropology is a new subject in the list of CSS optional subjects. This subject was added in 2015 for the CSS 2016 exam and onward when the new syllabus was uploaded.

Many of the aspirants are unaware of the scoring trend of this subject. Although the scoring trend keeps on changing every year, some of the subjects in the CSS exam always remain high scoring as compared to others. Anthropology is one such subject.

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Topics of anthropology are very easy to grasp because they are of a general nature. 80% of the syllabus of this subject overlaps with sociology. It is a very high-scoring subject as in the CSS 2016,  2017, 2018, and 2019 exams, many aspirants were able to fetch 70+ marks in the subject.


Even one of the lucky aspirants in CE 2016, scored 90 marks in this paper.


Why Anthropology?

High-scoring subject

Easy to understand

Short syllabus

Requires minimum time to cover

The syllabus overlaps with other subjects


02. Criminology

Related to crimes and criminal investigation, criminology is another high-scoring subject in the CSS exam.


Every year when the CSS written result is announced, the majority of the aspirants who had opted for the subject, manage to score very good marks on this paper.


Marks Sheet of CSS Topper


It is a very interesting subject and having a short syllabus makes it easy for the aspirants to cover it timely. The topics covered in the syllabus of CSS criminology include,

Definition and understanding

Crimes and criminal

Theories of criminology

Juvenile delinquency

Juvenile justice system

Criminal justice system

Criminal investigation


All the aforementioned topics are much talked about in newspapers and magazines. An aspirant who regularly consults newspapers and magazines faces no issue in preparing the subject and scoring high marks.


03. Environmental Science

Environmental science has been a scoring subject since its inclusion in the list of optional subjects. Environmental science is also a very easy subject because it deals with the natural ecosystem and environment of the Earth.


Some of its topics overlap with those of General Science and Ability (GSA), aspirants while preparing for GSA can cover them side by side. Additionally, in CSS English essays, topics related to the environment are repeatedly asked. That is to say, one who opts for environmental science can prepare for an environment-related topic for an essay paper as well.


The scoring trend of environmental science in the CSS exam can be gauged from the fact that the majority of the aspirants managed to get 50+ marks with only one week of preparation.


Although, some people prefer gender studies over environmental science, however, CSS 2021 proved to be a nightmare for gender studies students.



Environmental Science CSS Marks


You can read our blog on gender studies in which we have discussed it in detail,

04. Geography

Geography is purely a science subject. Previously it contained two papers, paper one and paper two. When in 2015, the syllabus was updated, the papers were merged into one. Since then it has been a scoring subject as compared to other science subjects.


However, it should be noted here that weak aspirants in cramming and who have never been science students in their academic years, should try not to opt for it. But, those who have no issue with cramming and can easily prepare for science subjects must opt for this subject because it may yield them excellent marks.


One more thing should be kept in mind that as compared to geography, psychology fetches even higher marks in CSS, and because these two subjects fall in the same group (aspirants can choose one subject of 100 marks from a given group), we recommend opting for psychology.


Psychology Marks in CSS Exams


 Topics in CSS geography include,


Earth's crust, origin, and evolution

✓The physical condition of the Earth's interior

Continental drift

Origin of oceans and seas

Features of ocean basis

Ocean floor deposits

Factors of climate

Environmental change

Origin and diffusion of culture

Population growth

Factors affecting agriculture

Politics, geography, and political geography

Global patterns in health and diseases

Models in medical geography

Recent issues and developments


05. Political Science

Political science has gained overwhelming popularity in CSS optional subjects. It is one of those few subjects which has two papers in CSS, paper one and paper two.


The majority of the aspirants opt for political science and score a very good score in it as compared to other subjects, especially international relations.


The scoring trend of political science remains stable and fetching 120+ in this subject (paper one and paper two) is very common, some of the aspirants manage to get as high as 140 marks in this subject.

Political Science Marks in CSS


Aspirants coming from social science backgrounds crack this subject very easily. It is easy and scoring not only for social science students but also for the aspirants who have never studied this subject in their academic years.


However, before opting for this subject in their competitive exams, we highly recommend the aspirants compare it with international relations because for some aspirants international relations proves to be a piece of cake.


For those aspirants who are confused about opting for political science or international relations, we have penned down a separate blog.

06. Regional languages

Aspirants who can read and write their mother tongue, are advised to opt for it in the CSS exam, provided it is included in optional subjects.


Balochi, Pashto, Punjabi, and Sindhi are included in the CSS syllabus and these four regional language subjects are considered high scoring not only in CSS but in PMS exams as well.


The aspirants opting for either of the languages can easily score 70 to 80 marks with dedicated preparation. These subjects like all other high-scoring subjects are easy to comprehend. An aspirant can cover the syllabus of a regional language subject within a maximum of ten to twelve days.


So, if you are planning to appear in the CSS exam, you should consider opting for one of the four regional languages.


CSS Marks in Punjabi Paper

07. Sociology

Sociology is the study of the structure, development, and characteristics of human society. From its very definition, one can understand that how easy the subject is.


It belongs to the day-to-day functioning of human society and the community. Sociology has always been high high-scoring subject in the CSS exam.


It has a very short syllabus, the aspirants can cover its complete syllabus within just a week. Its topics are very easy to understand and require less effort to learn. Revision can be done in just two to three days.



CSS Sociology Marks


The topics of sociology include,

Sociability of man

Culture: meaning, characteristics

Community: meaning, characteristics

Elements of culture

Culture and socialization

Society: meaning, characteristics

Social interaction

Social control

Public opinion

Social institutions

Social problems in Pakistan

Sociological theory

Sociological research

08. Psychology

Psychology, because it is a pure science subject, yields high marks in the CSS exam.

Unlike other science subjects, it is easy to learn. Every year, when the result of the CSS exam is announced, the aspirants who had opted for psychology score excellent marks in it.


It is therefore advised for their own interest that the aspirants must consider this subject by having a look at the syllabus of psychology and consult its past papers.


CSS Result: Marks in Psychology

The above-mentioned 08 high high-scoring subjects have been listed by analyzing and data gathering from the past results of CSS and PMS exams.

However, aspirants are advised to give due importance to each step of the subject selection process because the right combination of optional subjects maximizes the chances of success in the competitive exams.


Before finally deciding which subject to opt for, a serious aspirant goes through the syllabus of that particular subject, consults past papers, and seeks and values the opinions of senior CSS instructors.

Without making such an effort, choosing any subject for the said exams, results in failure or low scores which ultimately leads to disappointment.



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