CSS Gender Studies: 07 Reasons Why You Should Opt It



Socioeconomic and political challenges faced by women in Pakistan are beyond comprehension. Women constitute nearly half of the country's population, and sadly though, they are subjected to discrimination in every sphere of life. 

However, it is a sign of good omen that more and more men are realizing the importance of women in society and particularly in the progress of the nation. Policymakers in the highest echelons are working laboriously to bridge the gap between men's and women's contributions toward the development of the country. 

For that matter, the Federal Public Service Commission, the top body for the recruitment of Civil Servants in Pakistan, had changed the CSS syllabus back in 2016 and uploaded CSS new syllabus adding gender studies to the list of optional subjects. 

The sole purpose of including Gender Studies in the CSS syllabus was to instill in the aspirants of the competitive exam, the background knowledge of this core area so that the aspirants after passing the exam are able to make necessary laws and policies for the attainment of gender equality in Pakistan. 

Therefore, candidates for the elite exam are encouraged to opt for Gender Studies in the CSS exam. Opting for Gender Studies in the CSS exam can help aspirants in a variety of ways and, we, therefore, decided to help CSS aspirants by guiding them as to how Gender Studies can help CSS aspirants in passing and scoring high in the exam

Mentioned below, are the top 7 reasons why CSS aspirants should opt for Gender Studies. 

07 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Gender Studies in CSS Exam

1. Gender Studies is an Interesting Subject

When it comes to choosing optional subjects in the CSS exam, interest plays a significant role. If you don't have any interest in a particular subject, it can't fetch you good marks irrespective of how high-scoring trend it has.

Owing to the fact that you have to study a specific subject very deeply and cover its entire syllabus, you should obviously go for the subject you have some interest in. If you lack interest in your chosen subject, you will end up being exhausted easily. As a result, a major chunk of your precious time will be wasted.

So for that matter, we advise you to opt for Gender Studies because it is a very interesting subject to read and covers a wide variety of topics. You may have heard about the #MeeToo movement, but you have no idea what the movement is about and what actually is feminism. This subject traces the historical roots of feminism and covers its different shades. 

You will come to know about different kinds and phases of feminist thought and the ensuing struggle white and black women in American society had to make for the recognition of their rights. In all, Gender Studies is a very interesting subject in the list of optional subjects and you will certainly enjoy preparing it for your competitive exam.  

2. Gender Studies is Easy to Cover

Well, interest is not just one factor you have to keep in mind while choosing your optional subjects. The relative ease of covering the syllabus of the subject is also very important. 

If you are unable to cover the syllabus of your subject easily, you will be lagging behind your competitors and it goes without saying that CSS is all about competition. So, make sure that you choose a subject that is very easy to cover and here again we come to your rescue. 

Gender Studies in CSS exam is not only interesting but very easy to cover. You can wrap up the entire syllabus of Gender Studies within just seven days with a focused study. Therefore, we recommend you go for the subject for your own ease. 

3. Gender Studies has Limited Syllabus


It is an open secret that the CSS syllabus is very lengthy and therefore, difficult to comprehend in a short time. But there's a hint, if you opt for a subject that has a shorter syllabus than all others, it will be a positive point for you in your preparation process. Because the lengthy syllabus of optional subjects makes the whole process lengthier and even more difficult. 

Contrarily, a short syllabus of any subject is a blessing in disguise in the CSS exam. , Gender Studies has a very limited syllabus as compared to other subjects. So again, we recommend you opt for it so that you can cover the syllabus of Gender Studies within the stipulated and the shortest possible time. 

4. Gender Studies is Helpful in Essay Preparation

It has become an established norm that every year in essay exams, topics related to women's development, women empowerment, feminism, and gender equality are asked frequently

It would not be an exaggeration if we state here that gender or women-related topic in the CSS essay is the examiner's favorite one. And let us be very frank that all the above-mentioned topics are covered in the Gender Studies syllabus. So, if you opt for this subject, you will be able to tackle CSS essay papers very efficiently. 

5. Gender Studies' Scoring Trend

Data collected from the past 5 years suggest that Gender Studies has a high-scoring trend as compared to many other optional subjects. Most of the students managed to pass this paper scoring more than 50 and even 60 marks out of 100

You may think that fifty is not a good number but keep in mind that after 2016, scoring above fifty has been a stupendous task for the aspirants. And imagine if you pass the exam (InshaAllah you will) and you wish to join PAS or PSP but your score in a particular subject was low and your standing in the merit list was lowered.

Consequently, you ended up in the Postal or Railway group instead of your desired group. So, never underestimate the scoring trend factor while choosing your optional subjects.

6. The Examiner Wants You to Study Gender Studies

As we have outlined earlier policymakers in Pakistan want to bridge the gap between men's and women's contributions toward the Socioeconomic development of the country. And for this purpose in mind, FPSC introduced a new syllabus in 2016 adding Gender Studies to the list of optional subjects so that the new lot of officers joining Pakistan's bureaucracy would be able to make laws and policies concerning women. 

So, this subject will help you in your future assignments as policymakers. 

7. Gender Studies Questions are Easy to Answer

Last but not least, answering questions in exams may not be a big deal for you but, answering questions in the CSS exam is entirely a different thing.

You are sitting in an exam for which people have been burning the midnight oil to score high. You should be very clear that answering questions in the CSS exam requires a certain set of skills, that is to say, paper presentation skills. 

When you opt for a subject that has a very wide variety of jargon and different terminology, you need to put a lot of effort into cramming this jargon and subject-related terminology. 

Therefore, it is always advisable to skip or avoid those subjects that are set to consume your energy and time because these two things are worth a lot in the CSS exam. However, Gender Studies has very limited jargon and most of the terminology is commonly known, so requires little effort and a relatively shorter time. 

To cut a long story short, the CSS exam is different than other academic exams in a number of ways. Passing this exam requires you to be very vigilant of your every single move. 

From tactfully choosing your optional subjects to preparing these subjects effectively needs a lot of consideration. And choosing those optional subjects which ultimately lead you to your desired destination is very important. 

Gender Studies is among those very few subjects that may make your journey easier and joyful and ultimately materialize your dream and turn it into reality. But these words are not final, you should give a second thought while choosing any of your optional subjects for this competitive exam by going through the past papers and the syllabus. 

We, on our part, tried our best to assist you in this important process but obviously, the final decision is yours.


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